This is my Native App Development course where I had the opportunity to use Swift in X-code to learn a variety of skills such as designing photos, a variety of views, buttons, using APIs, creating lists, and more.


For our midterm, we were instructed to create an app using the skills we had gathered thus far in the semester. For my misterm I created a play on a cocktail menu. I used personally created API’s that I pulled from to design each drink in the display (shown in the second view). Lastly clicking on the name of the drink in the secondary view would take you to the third view with instructions listed on the top and a carousel of ingredients you can maneuver on the bottom.

Menu (using list view)
Drink Display (functional link)
Instructional display (carousel)


For the Jukebox assignment, we were tasked to take clips of music from a music archive and embed it into a functional app. I chose to do a spin on country music and show below how I created a light mock design of the Apple Music layout and functional pause and play button using animation and applying action to the button.