Web Developmet


In this class, we learned a plethora of things. In the beginning, we started by going over the basics of CSS and HTML. Later we would jump into a very JavaScript-based semester. We started by learning different functions through JavaScript, then we went into learning how to style using flexbox. Later we learned how to use APIs and pull from them to create different projects. Towards the end, we would learn Vue and how to implement that into our coding style in an alternative way. Lastly, we did more API while incorporating this components method. Overall we compiled a variety of methods to which we were able to practice all semester.


Here we did a slideshow where we would be able to pull from a list of presidents and their photos and learn to use them interactively.


We learned to use a style called flexbox and learned how to use arrays and format them nicely.


In this API era, we did a project called Jukebox jamboree where we pulled from a music API. I learned to pull sound clips and embed them into a website making it fun and interactive.


Using Vue introduced a new way of interacting with Java. it had its own methods and skills that we learned to set up through a new program. I liked using Vue and I think thatit would be very beneficial going forward learning more about it.


Here we did a project call cat components. This is again with the use of apis but at a more advanced and in depth level.