NMIX Capstone

Project Overview

Upon reaching the final stages of my certificate program at the New Media Institute, I embarked on a significant endeavor: the creation of a Mac application. Assigned the role of creative project manager, I assumed the responsibility for guiding the project from conception to execution, overseeing its conceptualization, visual design, and content development.

The Problem

Existing study platforms like Quizlet and Anki, while popular, exhibit certain drawbacks. Their interfaces don’t seamlessly integrate with the Mac environment and lack the precise features and experience desired by many users (as show in our personal findings).

The Solution

In response to these challenges, our team conceived Blitz, a tailored flashcard application designed exclusively for Mac users. Blitz notably incorporates the photo-to-text feature utilizing Apple’s “live text API.” This feature allows users to effortlessly extract text from images for flashcard creation. Our goal was to provide Mac users with a study tool that integrates seamlessly aesthetically and functionally.

The Results

After meticulously workshopping the applications user experience,  Blitz emerged as the solution for Mac users seeking an intuitive and feature-rich study application. Initial feedback was overwhelmingly positive as users were in awe of Blitz’s simplicity and effectiveness. 

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Prior to branding, we had designed what we expected our app to look live, have, and be.



Here are more features, document, and information about who we are and how we came to be.