Panel One

Panel 1 Reflection:

In panel one I am proud of how I was able to navigate bootstrap and use its components to create this website from scratch. Although it has less aesthetic and organizational strucure than my future panels, I belive it has great stucture and overall coherence throughout the design. At times using bootstrap was tricky during the implementation of some comonents. When trying to use the toast in my first panel I had some trouble shooting and ultimately decided to leave it out. Yet, with the tools I had at the time, and could modify to my liking, I feel confident to adjust and structure a basic outline. I feel as if my color themes, modified components (such as a nav bar), and my organization is a great foundation. Learning to use bootstrap is very helpful for the future and being able to practice in this project I am confident my skills will only further evolve. Now looking back at panel one I hope I have the option to use bootstrap more because I feel more capable to create more fun personalized designs unsing more components from the bootstrap website.

Panel 1

Panel Two

Panel 2 Reflection:

In panel two I found it very interesting in how to use a template the first time. Due to it being the first time I ever tried to do this, I had a bit of trougble trying to find a template that I liked for my page. This was becaue the templates would com with ample amounts of parts to the templatem which in the end I was able to adjust one to my liking. I had a bit of trouble at first with my pages because they did not let me edit the information in the template, but after some organization in my own file structure I was able to work it all out. I am proud of adjusting my template and working through all my trouble shooting, but soon after it just made me want to make the final touches in panel three to make it ultimately to my liking!

Panel 2

Panel Three

Panel 3 reflection:

In my panel three I created a style sheet that I think brough a more aesthetic, cohesive, and complex look to my end result. At the begining of thsi project I will be honest would have not belived that I would be able to create something more fun and complex than a set of element and comonents, but to actually have a well rounded functional website. I did struggle trying to work some of the components in css that I hope to workout in the future to create more fun websites. Yet I am proud of the little things that I went back to look for in my free codecamp to incorperate into the project. There are some css components like my box shadow that I found ultimately pleasing and fun to reteach myself to add an overall esthetic look to the page!

Panel 3