Ted Talks

Above is the link for 5 Ted Talks that I listened to and reflected on the meanings of success. I thought these might be the most valuable to me to understand the professional world. I hope that in turn if you read the description and enjoy my thought you will go and watch one of the videos to benefit you.

Personality Assessment

In this assessment, I was able to take a series of tests to understand my personality. Knowing my letters of ESFJ I hope to understand and show what my relationships with others professionally or others look like. Above is the reflection of my results and what that looks like in the workplace.

Search Yourself

Here I have done somewhat of my own background search on myself. Now I understand I do not have the power of a program that can find my digital footprint I have the knowledge of my past and believe I was successful in divulging my digital print.

Overall this course has allowed me to meet many different people from the media and tech world. I have been thankful to learn so much about business, entrepreneurship, photography, design, social media, and more. Thank you to all the people who came to speak and unravel all things that don’t get spoken enough about in the world of working. I come out of this class with a much greater understanding of what is ahead for me, a business card, and professionally a start for my personal success.

Business Card